Friday, July 23, 2010

One Hundred Things My Mother Taught Me A Million Times – Chapter 45

#45 – “Make your husband a pie. He'll feel loved.”

This one of one hundred things my mom taught me a million times is one that definitely found purchase in my psyche. I never leave town for more than a day or two that I don’t make my adorable hubby two-dozen baby pecan pies. In fact, it is the only other thing that puts that uniquely goofy smile on his face! You know the one.

Making a pie can be pretty easy if you buy a ready-made crust, but traumatic to tragic if you try to make the crust from scratch. Making a good piecrust is a skill you either have or don’t, like a good singing voice. Or, something you can learn and master if you do it several times a week, like golf. But it is not something you can do well once in a blue moon. Click on Read More Below...

If your mom was a good piecrust maker like mine, I’ll bet she never used a written recipe or measured ingredients, and when you ask for her recipe, she got a rather blank look on her face, and said something along the lines of, “I don’t know honey - several fistfuls of flour, a big spoonful of Crisco, pinch of salt, and a little cold water.”

As hard is it to admit that there’s something that I can’t do, making a good piecrust is a mystery I’m seemingly destined to never solve – along with shooting under 100 in golf and singing without making dogs howl. But thanks to Pillsbury (and Victoria’s Secret), I can still make my husband feel loved, and after all, the way to man’s heart is through his stomach!

So take mom’s advice. Make your husband a pie. He'll feel loved.


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