Wednesday, July 21, 2010

California Dreamin’ Tour – Day 3

Who says you can’t learn on vacation? So far I’ve learned:
  1.  Not planning ahead provides surprises! Some wonderful, some not. For example, by not mapping out my entire vacation (my type-a personality is on vacation too), I’ve learned that California hotels and gasoline are damn expensive! If I’d known in advance how expensive, I probably would have va-ca'd in Arkansas, or Austin!
  2. In some high-tourists areas, you have to pay to potty!
  3. I’ve re-learned that staring at the ocean will suck the stress right out of your soul!
  4. Although I love the luxury of swank hotels, the hillbilly in me tires quickly of “Disney Land” perfection.
  5. Balboa Park (San Diego) demands a separate dedicated vacation!
  6. Laguna Beach is waaay cooler (as in groovy) than Newport Beach!
  7. Every now an then when you think you’re in the armpit of America, i.e., Long Beach, you stumble upon a gem, i.e., the Marina Motel ($65/night), and the Sushi Studio! Our sushi chef, Pond, was killer! Travel partner, Deb, in her vast sushi consuming experience, just said, “Wow us!” or something to that effect, and we were! What a cool joint too!

Our one and only stop in LA is going to be the Getty Center and we are sooooo excited! Then off to Santa Barbara.
Ciao Bella - SueAnn

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