Saturday, January 19, 2013

One Hundred Things My Mother Taught Me A Million Times - Chapter 97

#97 “Don't ever throw clothes away or give them away or sell them. Give them to your sisters.”
I saw this beautiful night photo of the Austin skyline on FaceBook and had to share.

There’s a bag of nice clothes sitting in the dinning room that I intend to take to my daughters-in-law, even though I know they probably won’t want the items in that bag. They are in their 30’s-40’s and I’m 65. They wear much smaller sizes then I.  They haven’t surrendered to elastic-waist pants yet. But mom’s #97 demands that I at least try.

My daughter has already gone through the items and picked out a couple of things, probably just to make me feel good. My sisters and I barely give a damn about clothes at this stage of our lives. There was a time, however, when my wardrobe was very important. A time when how I looked somewhat defined my capabilities and my standards. I was on that ladder to success, in heels. Figuring out how to look classy on a budget was a major focus.

One of the fun-est wardrobe/budget-stretching ideas I ever came up with was a “clothing swap” party. Most of my gal-friends were also on that ladder and pinching pennies to look professional. They bought high-end suits that were too expensive to give away, but they were tired of wearing the same three suits every week. So I invited them to bring their suits, purses, jewelry and shoes over to my house to do some high-end swapping. I served Champagne and snacks as each gal arranged her barter items in a small area. The first 30-40 minutes were spent just checking out each mini-boutique of offerings. Then, lubricated by bubbly, the negotiations began.

Some sold items for great prices, some swapped, and what was left over was donated to the Center for Battered Women. Everyone left with at least one “really good deal,” or something they truly loved. Lots of gals got to know each other better (negotiating tends to take conversations to a whole different level), and fun was had by all.

So mom was right, don’t throw away clothes, get your “sisters” together and give them the gift of new clothes and new friendships.

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