Sunday, July 10, 2016

100 Things I Want to Tell My Children And Grandchildren: #20

(Photos are some of the people that keep me honest - kids and grandkids)
You are never better at doing anything than you are at being yourself.

Who are we really?  Are we the same person all the time and with everyone? Or are we sometimes different around different people and groups – trying to fit in, stand out, or disappear?
I’ve always wrestled with those questions, but one thing I know for sure - when we are with people we love and trust the most, we are just exactly who we are – our true self, no more, no less.

Sometimes, that comes out as goodness, sometimes badness, because none of us is perfect and we always hurt the ones we love, but hurting the ones we love is #21 of my 100 things, so we’ll save that one for later.

What I want to tell my children and grandchildren today is to be your good true self, because it is then you are the Olympic, Pulitzer and Academy award winner – doing the thing you do the very best.

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