Thursday, August 25, 2016

100 Things I Want to Tell My Children And Grandchildren: #21

You always hurt the ones you love.

We’ve all been hurt by someone we love. We’ve all hurt someone we love.

I can think of at least two reasons why we hurt the ones we love:
  1. People who are unhappy have a hard time being around people who are happy. So, they try to make them feel bad, and sometimes to make them feel they don’t deserve to be treated better.
  2. People sometimes say really hurtful things to the ones they love because they are angry with someone else or themselves and just need to let off steam, and they’re counting on the loved one forgiving them.
When people hurt you, you need to tell them how they made you feel. It they show remorse and try to do better, you should forgive them. If they don’t show remorse, and don’t try to do better, well, that’s a very difficult situation and needs to be considered carefully.

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