Friday, July 23, 2010

California Dreamin’ Tour – Day 5

Santa Barbara reminds me a lot of Aspen, jaw droppingly beautiful and very consumer-focused, but much more tastefully presented.The stunning homes, the smell of eucalyptus and ocean air, and the Four Seasons Biltmore definitely elevated our endorphins. Even our way less expensive, but very cute motel, The Sandman Inn was a treat.

 Since my travel buddy Deb and I are on a budget, we didn’t buy much, except bottles of wine, which were surprisingly inexpensive. The irony being, it wasn’t even California wine it was South American.

This was sort of our day of rest. We tootled around town, got our nails done, caught a few rays, had a nice glass of wine and dinner on State Street (the main drag), as we watched the "beautiful people" stroll by. Then we went back to the motel and spent hours plotting our drive through the Big Sur and to Monterey, where we’ll visit their famous aquarium. Oh yes, and we laughed our butts off as we pondered a one-night stay-over in Mojave (yes, the desert). When we Googled "Things to do in Mojave," the response was, "Nothing." I want a t-shirt that says, "I survived the Mojave Desert!"

To be continued...  SueAnn 

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