Sunday, November 11, 2012

One Hundred Things My Mother Taught Me A Million Times - Chapter 95

#95 Republicans care about money. Democrats care about people.
  (Mom, Willie Belle Forbes Wade, with Governor Ann Richards)

When I was a child, I asked my mom, “What’s the difference between Republicans and Democrats?”  With just the slightest pause, perhaps thinking how to explain something very complicated to an eight-year-old, she replied, “Republicans care about money. Democrats care about people.”

I don’t remember knowing at that time whether mom was a Democrat or a Republican, but I do remember knowing decisively, at that very moment, that I would always be a Democrat because I wanted to care about people and I didn't want to care about money.

Mom didn’t say that Republicans or Democrats were good or bad. She just gave me information so I could decide what was important to me. And I did.

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