Sunday, October 9, 2011

Smart Gals Sip – Drinks With Jan Goss

New Mexico best gal-friend Deborah Fondren and I had drinks Thursday with Patti DeNucci and Jan Goss (pictured l-r). Yes, another riveting saga of Very Smart Gals! Since I’ve previously profiled both Patti and Deborah, I want to talk about Jan Gross, the principal and founder of an extraordinarily interesting company, Civility Consulting, which specializes in “Impression Management.” How important is that? Well, how many times have you pledged to never again do business with a company because their receptionist was snippy, or because their salesperson ignored you or said something offensive? It matters, and Jan helps companies train their representatives to put their best foot forward.  Fascinating! Which describes both Civility Consulting and Jan Goss. Here, see for yourself.

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