Monday, May 30, 2011

My Weekend in Marfa, Marathon and Alpine

I was scheduled to go to a horseshow in Alpine last weekend to watch my grandson perform, but it was cancelled because of an equine virus outbreak. Unable to cancel my hotel reservations at the Paisano Hotel (photo above left) without a penalty,  I was forced to cowgirl on to Marfa, where I met up with my BFF, Deborah Fondren and another friend from New Mexico, Marcia Smith (photo above right). It was a monotonous weekend of drink, eat, sleep, read, visit galleries, buy useless stuff, and repeat often – my fave!

After entirely too much wine on our balcony (most of which we drank), we retired to Maiya’s for din din, and of course more wine. After dinner my heartier compatriots walked around Marfa taking photos, and I, weary from too many 12-hour workdays and the seven hour drive from Austin, slunk into bed, curled into the fetal position and offered pagan prayers that my wine and pasta would stay where I put them!

Saturday morning we savored  brunch at Cochineal (photo left), visited the Chinati Foundation, Ballroom Marfa, inde/jacobs and several other galleries, then siesta-ed in the warm pm. As happy hour approached, we drove to Marathon for drinky-poos at the Gage Hotel White Buffalo bar.

While in Marathon we visited Eve’s Garden B and B (below, left) and I was reminded of how much I love that place and want to stay there again soon. Although you can’t tell from the outside, it really is the Garden of Eden on the inside, and I love the owner Kate, who is always so generous with her time and prepares the yummiest organic breakfast!

I posted a photo to Facebook and almost immediately received a message from my niece, Nicole saying that she and Rebecca Rather (photo right) were in Alpine at Kokernot Field watching a baseball game – yes Rebecca Rather of the Pastry Queen cookbooks fame, and Rather Sweet Bakery and Cafe in Fredericksburg. Since my gal-friends and I had dinner reservations at the Reata Restaurant in Alpine (below right), we didn’t meet up with Nicole and Rebecca but it was funny that we were all out there at the same time.  I had no idea that Rebecca and Nicole were friends, although since they're both chefs, it makes sense.

Next stop for me was at my kids’ ranch outside of Sheffield where I played in the pool with two of my precious grandchildren (photos later). What a great weekend, and without the Memorial Day crowds!

Speaking of which, hats off to all the guys and gals who served and or are serving in our military – including my hubby!

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