Sunday, August 22, 2010

Special Moms, Special Healing - For Special Needs Moms

My friend Julie McAllister, mother of two special needs children, has created a website to help moms "love themselves as much as they love their special needs children," and I think that's very special! Her oldest was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (an Autism Spectrum Disorder) at age five and the youngest developed multiple food protein intolerances shortly after birth.  Special Moms Special Healing came to being when Julie, who I met when she was the CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters, started researching online for resource material that targeted mothers of special needs children, and found virtually zero. Julie's website provides support and information on the topics of "Self-Love, Forgiveness, and Nutrition. If you know a mother of a special needs child, please pass along this website link. They will surely benefit from Julie's considerable experience, education, and training - and, she's a Very Smart Gal!


  1. Thanks SueAnn for posting about me and Special Moms, Special Healing! I feel truly honored to be included in one of your spotlights.