Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gals Graze

Yesterday’s Gals luncheon, which included (pictured, clockwise) Alisha Ring, Rachel Muir, Debbie Kern and Paula Disbrowe was dynamic, stimulating, and très amusant!
Alisha graduated from UT then moved to NYC for five years, but she returned to run the Austin Technology Council (seemingly dragging them from the brink of collapse), then became the GM of The Texas Tribune. Apparently Alisha is like the bluebird of happiness flitting around, landing on organizations, getting them good, then flying off to vitalize another! She is currently leading a collaborative technology initiative for UT.
Rachel founded Girlstart and hardly needs an introduction as this keen-edged stiletto knows everyone in town. She’s been featured on Oprah, CNN, and the Today Show for gaud’s sake! She most recently raised a billion dollars for Mother’s Milk Bank (OK, maybe just multi-millions), and now she’s going to heft Convio (non-profit fundraising software) to the Fortune 500 with her freaky marketing skills.
Debbie (also featured below under “My Friends”) is a very high-level events planner/marketing genius and owner of i3 Marketing Group (think Paris and IBM), five-time chair of the Center for Child Protection's PlayBingo fundraiser, scary smart, and a superior friend.
Paula is a chef and a food and travel writer, who is probably most famous for her fab cookbooks, one of which, Real Cajun, co-written with Donald Link, just won the 2010 James Beard Cookbook Award for American Cooking! If you don’t own her Cowgirl Cuisine Cookbook, go on and get it right this instant! It’s FAB. Paula is also the marketing guru for Feather Down Farm Dayswhich is like eco-tourism, but farm-y, fun and luxurious, where she recently entertained a half-dozen of Martha Stewart’s editor/mavens! Paula is everywhere you look and lookin’ good! These are some Very Smart Gals!

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  1. wow - this some group of fabulous women you got together here !! :-)