Friday, July 16, 2010

California Dreaming - Day 1

You know you’re menopausal when you pick your vacation destinations based on the daytime highs on the weather map. Aha! My next career, a la Jeff Foxworthy,  “You know you're menopausal when...” But I digress.

Today is the first day of the rest of my vacation, and yes, you’ll have to suffer through relentless emails begging you to read my travel journal. I think I may have the Tom Cruise “Look at me!” syndrome. That’s just sad. But I digress.

So off to California I go where ocean breezes whisk away the mosquitoes, my hot flashes and any semblance of a hair do. Here’s the agenda. First, to Van Horn to have dinner with my youngest, Colt. Then to New Mexico to pick up my BFF, Deb. Then we’ll put on our Depends so we don’t even have to get out to pee as we drive through scorching hot Arizona. Then do a “Thelma and Louise” and drive straight into the Pacific (actually to the Hotel Coronado - ocean front room – yes, I’m blowing my wad)! 

My personal goal for this trip is to only eat where I can throw a fork into the ocean from my table. Actually we don’t have an itinerary per se, but the "turn-around" destination is San Francisco, by way of highway 101.
·      I want to have dinner and stare at the beautiful ocean and people at Georges at the Cove, and eat Crème Brule at La Valencia, in La Jolla.  
·      I want to go to Mr. Sushi on Cannery Row in Monterrey, where your sushi floats to you on the tummy of a little plastic otter, (there’s a little river-mote surrounding the bar).
·      I want to eat garlic ice cream at the Gilroy Garlic Festival.
·      I want to spend the night and get a massage at Ventana in Big Sur. Except that probably won’t happen since I already blew my wad in San Diego. It’ll probably be at the Motel 6, no massage, in Santa Cruz.
·      I want to drive down Lombard Street, freeze my arse off on the ferry to Sausalito, and hurt myself on Dim Sum at Yank Sing in San Francisco.

Ciao Baby!


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  1. I believe your forte (as a writer, that is) must be travel blogging. This is seriously funny stuff. I look forward to long as it's not floating on the tummy of a poet. Jane