Saturday, January 30, 2010

This And That

The Continuing Saga – My Husband the Housekeeper
Remember my posts saying that my husband Crouse decided that in his retirement, he would come our housekeeper? And then I posted that the “Thrill was gone,” and that he was slacking off? Well, he was a little hurt at my comment that he wasn’t doing such a great job cleaning, and really is trying harder. Can you believe it! I adore my hubby, and he knows it!

OK, this is precious and priceless. Guess what he said right after I returned from a five-day trip to New Mexico? “Did you notice how clean the house is?” Then he rattled off a list of the cleaning chores he’d done. It was so adorable!

My Kitchen Cabinet
Crouse always says that when work gets slow, we start renovating, and he’s right. Over the holidays we renovated and redecorated our front bathroom – not to worry friends, it’s still full of the nudes I’ve collected over the years – it’s just a little less “bordello,” and a little more “museum!”

Also, when we were camping in Fort Davis over Thanksgiving, my Friend Deb Harrington and I saw some bookshelves, the insides of which were painted bright red, and it look fabulous, so I decided that I wanted to paint the insides of my kitchen cabinets (which are open – no doors) a bright color. So, after my husband came down off the ceiling and warmed to the idea, we went to Home Depot to look at paint samples, and ended up with a completely unexpected choice – stop-sign iridescent orange-yellow.

Also – I’d recently, for what reason I can’t account for, purchased a couple of vintage TV lamps, but couldn’t figure out what to do with them. Well, one thing led to another, and a couple of forays on eBay, and next thing you know we owned a number of TV lamps and they were lighting my kitchen cabinets. AND I LOVE IT!

The Holiday Campout
(Granddaughter Syd and Daughter JoLene playing cards at the campground) Most of you know that next to loving my family, reading and writing, my favorite thing to do is to go camping. As the saying goes, “You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.” So, this year, for our annual family holiday get together, I decided that we should go camping close to Fort Davis. Well, since it was muy frio and not everyone in the fam shares my love for campfires, tents and roughing it, I got everyone rooms at Indian Lodge, just a short walk away from my campsite.
(James and Cassie w/decorations)                                                                                      (Cassie & Will having breakfast)
We spent days and evenings together around the campfire, and everyone slept in warm comfort, my granddaughter Sydney and I being the only members of the family intrepid enough to sleep in a tent the entire time. As you can see in the photos, we decorated for Christmas, and did the kiddos gifts, which was great fun.                                                                                    (Colt & Crouse cooking bacon)

New Photos of Granddaughter Khloe
Here are a few updated photos of our precious new little granddaughter Khloe Angelia Noelke, Cuatro and Lovie’s new little girl and proud brother, Quenten’s new sister!

Thank You to Amy and Claribel for The Wonderful Baby Shower They Hosted for My Beautiful Daughter-In-Law, Lovie and Little Miss Khloe!


  1. Hey, those kitchen cabinets look great and so does Crouse. He seems to get better with age! Jane