Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gals Guzzle

Not only do “Gals Graze” (reference previous posts of Gals – Very Smart Gals luncheons), they also sometimes, “Guzzle”!  Thursday night was one such instance as I met Very Smart Gals, Angela Tharpe Guillen and Nancy Weiss Coplin for drinks at Red’s Porch.
(Nancy left - Angela right) 
Nancy is the Music Coordinator at Austin-Bergstrom Airport, has sold music posters at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar forever, manages several musicians/bands in Austin, is very good friends with Marcia Ball, knows more music people than anyone I know, and is very involved in lots of musician support groups. I met Nancy around 1983-ish through the Women’s Chamber of Commerce, which was just being formed.

Angela created and owns the Flamingo Cantina on Sixth Street (a successful music venue for close to 20 years), and is one of the masterminds behind the Austin Reggae Festival.  I knew her long before she became the “Bob Marley” of Austin as she worked for Bob Honts (County Commissioner and Developer) in his private business while I worked for him in his public office.

Both of the gals know everyone that has anything to do with the music business in Austin and both have served on the Music Commission (Nancy was their first Chair), and in other music business support organizations leadership capacities.

We had a lot of fun rehashing and trashing! Thanks to Angela and Nancy!


  1. That looks like you had a TON OF FUN!

  2. We did! It was such fun to reconnect with these really incredible women - we had a few beers (or at least Angela and I did, Nancy was teetotaling)

  3. And let me just say, that Austin City Limits showcased some fabulous talent. I mean, Lyle Lovett? Who knew?

  4. Hey Sue, ask Nancy if she has heard of me. I wrote several songs 2.5 decades ago that were published and sold. The bands were known mostly locally. The song i'm most famous for(can't think of a weaker word than famous right now) was The Black Hole Twist. Co-written by Bill Robinson and the band is Research. The song was re-released recently in England.
    Another song was The Suburbs of Hong Kong by The Marbles. As above the musical score by Bill Robinson.
    I wasn't in the bands just friends with the boys.