Monday, December 7, 2009

The Midlife Gals

I can be a little slow on the up-take sometimes, so thank gaud I have very smart gals around to give me a little leverage. I must be the last person in Austin to hear about The Midlife Gals, but as the saying goes, better latte then fever. Thanks to Very Smart Gal, Aralyn Hughes for hooking me up with KK and Sal Jackson, The Midlife Gals. Let me just tell you that I flipped out over these very smart gals. They are hilarious and they're famous. Click on the link above to check out their website. They have a blog, a radio show, videos (must watch), are AAS "Fortunate 500" picks, are guest writers for More Magazine, and are commentators on (scroll down to Video Responds To Man Who Wants Girlfriend 20+ Years Younger - too too funny!)

So in January I'm meeting KK and Sal for martini's at the Four Seasons, and I can't wait! And I'm practicing my "Head Thwomp" (check their website for explanation). I love it when women come out of themselves to be the unique, special and wonderful creatures into which life has welded them - Very Smart Gals!  Yee Haw! Ride 'Em Cowgirl!

1 comment:

  1. SueAnn,
    Thanks for the birthday tribute. Made me blush.
    We have known each other for a long time -- we knew early on that smart gals like to hang out with other smart gals. :)