Sunday, February 12, 2017

Hometown Gal Makes "HapPea Fries"

I have to give a shout out to Very Smart Gal Suzanne Franks who grew up in my little home town. Her invention, "HapPea Fries", a healthy alternative to fried potatoes, are available in the freezer compartment at Wheatsville Co-Op and Fresh Plus.  Go buy some!

(Excerpted from Suzanne's HapPea Fries website) 
HapPea Fries Founder Suzanne Franks believes in making delicious nutritious™. She was born and raised in Iraan (sounds like IRA-ANN), Texas in the dusty, hot, hot heat of West Texas. Her little town was an hour from the nearest McDonald’s with nothing in between – no other towns, no people, no stores. All that was there in Iraan – population 1,200 – was a Dairy Queen, a soda fountain and a Mexican food restaurant. 

With so few choices, Suzanne’s mom who was raised on a farm became the grocer, restaurateur, grower, harvester (you name it, she did it) for the family. She also taught Suzanne how to bake bread, cook, garden and even how to make mayonnaise.  

Steeped in the lifestyle of homemade, homegrown food, Suzanne developed a passion for tinkering with recipes to transform delicious food into sources of improved nutrition. The better-tasting, better-for-you HapPea® Fries – made with chickpeas instead of potatoes – fully supports making delicious, nutritious.

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