Sunday, August 30, 2015

You're Invited: The Annual Virgo Party, Sept. 12

My gal-friends, Emma Lou Linn and Nan McRaven asked me to extend an invitation to the Very Smart Gals to:

The Annual Virgo Party 
Sept  12
Hyatt Regency Austin
7- 11 pm
Playing:  Rotel and the Hot Tomatoes
Food Catered:  Hyatt Regency
Plenty of food, dance and fun! 

Please come and invite and bring along ALL of your friends. 

A Note:  The party will be hosted by Peggy Garrison, Emma Lou Linn, and Nan McRaven. The cost of this party is totally paid by these ladies.   We are hoping that you will be generous with your donations.  Every donation will go directly to Breast Cancer Research at MD Anderson in Houston.  Every gift will be greatly appreciated. 

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