Sunday, May 24, 2015

Stronger Women Better Austin - Women's Fund of Central Texas, March 2015

Please take a moment to read this March 2015, concise and stunning 8-page report "Stronger Women Better Austin" on the status of women in Central Texas, which was produced and published by Women's Fund of Central Texas. Here are a few facts about Travis County women from the report.
  • 1 in 4 female-headed households live in poverty;
  • Women's median earnings are 30% LOWER than men's across all levels of the education spectrum;
  • Teen births -- 29%-US, 44%-TX, 49%-Travis County;
  • Of 257 reported rape cases in 2013, 12 arrest were made;
  • 50% of female homicides are the result of family violence;
  • Very few CEOs of Austin’s largest nonprofit organizations and private companies are women and there are no women CEOs at the top publicly traded companies in our community.
When women do not reach their potential and/or are disenfranchised, children too suffer. The stats on Travis County children (included in this report) are equally heartbreaking.

Gender matters.  It isn't more important, but it is important. What can you do?

Volunteer for and provide financial support for organizations struggling to improve the above conditions.

Do not expect women to be perfect. Appreciate and encourage their strengths and forgive their weaknesses.

Support women.

Thank you Women's Fund of Central Texas for bringing these important issues to the forefront of our consciousness.

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