Saturday, April 28, 2012

Smart Gals Sip – Drinks With Sarah Bird, Nanci Wilson and Carla Jackson At The Four Seasons

When best-selling author, screenwriter, and Texas Monthly columnist Sarah Bird (pictured far left) said she was “addicted to my blog” I thought, “OK, I can die now. My life is complete.” When she posted the following message on Facebook after we had drinks Thursday night, I nearly died laughing,  “GADSZOOKS did we have a good time!! Thank you to SueAnn, Kween of the Social Konnectors and a blue-nailed hoot to boot!!” Obviously, the woman has a way with words, and although I’m not worthy to touch the hem of Sarah’s garment when it comes to writing, I guess I’m worthy enough to share wine, cheese, tuna tartare, quesadillas, nachos and french fries with her. I asked the waitress at the Four Seasons to bring us three of their best hors d'oeuvres and she apparently thought I said bring them all! Anyway, we ate well. I met Sarah through my blog and through Facebook, and what a fun connection that has been. Sarah is in the middle of a top-secret and very exciting project that I can’t tell you about, but which involves her famous book, The Flamenco Academy. Oh yes, and go buy all of her books. You can thank me later. 

Nanci Wilson (pictured above center) is an Investigative Reporter with two Emmy awards, six Emmy nominations, a National Journalism Award, and an Edward R. Murrow Award for Investigative Reporting. I met Nanci at her and my grandsons’ joint-birthday party in San Antonio. Just so happens that her grandson and my grandson are best friends.  It took us about 20 seconds to become friends as we stood in the kitchen at my daughter’s ranch, ignoring the birthday clamor going on around us. Nanci had Sarah, Carla and I staring drop-jawed at her stories of the investigations she has been and currently is involved in – no secret information was exchanged as what she told us was already a matter of public record, but the inside scoops were tantalizing and fun! I want to be Nanci’s “deep throat,” metaphorically speaking of course. I know a couple of illegal things going on in Austin that haven’t been investigated yet! (Nanci – call me). 

If you think that Carla Jackson (pictured above right) cannot possibly be as interesting as Sarah and Nanci, you’re wrong. Carla is the Co-Producer of 2011 Austin Film Festival Selection, San Diego Black Film Festival Selection, and DC Independent Film Festival Selection, A Swinging Trio. Be sure to watch the movie trailer. It is hot and provocative!! Carla is also the Associate Director, Center for Public Policy/Political Studies at Austin Community College, although I’m not sure when she has time to sleep. She’s also currently producing a feature-length documentary, "Black Sun," that chronicles two celestial events: the May 20, 2012 annual solar eclipse and the November 14, 2012 total solar eclipse. The movie follows two African American astrophysicists who study the solar atmosphere during eclipses. The film's goal is to inspire more minority children to choose science-related careers. I was so impressed by Carla and her descriptions of moviemaking that I invested a little money in the "Black Sun" project, which entitles me to my name in the movie credits! Woo hoo! I'm a movie producer! Actually, you can be too. Go to this link and sign up to support the project.

As you’ve heard me say before, I’m a recluse, and these Very Smart Gals get-togethers are my self-induced therapy, but the time I spent with Carla, Nanci and Sarah was more than therapy, it was fantastic fun! 

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  1. YOU SueAnn Wade-Crouse are fantastic fun! More important, you make fantastic fun happen for so many others. Like lucky me. Your therapy session was my dream of the SALON I always aspired to be part of come true. So muchisimas gracias for that. Our next topic: why you're wrong about "The Hunger Games." Ha!