Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Intentional Networker by Patti DeNucci

The Intentional Networker by Patti DeNucci (pictured) is a power-packed “how to” for young ambitious professionals seeking to build a career; or middle-aged professionals who can’t seem to reach the professional peak; or old, semi-retired professionals who need to be reminded that they don’t know it all.

Discloser: the author of The Intentional Networker, Patti DeNucci, is a long-time acquaintance, and our friendship is one that defies time and distance. We bonded over a mutual love of reading and something else indefinable, and I know that even if I never see her again, she will always be my friend. 

I was in awe of and genuinely excited for Patti when I first heard that she was publishing a book, but then I blurted out that I wanted to read it and review it on my blog, and trepidation settled in my gut. What if the book was boring, pedantic, fluffy, or anything less than fab? Thankfully, it was none of those things, well, except fab.

When I started The Intentional Networker I found myself making a list of people to whom I needed to give this book. Among my copious notes in the margins were, “give a copy to the kids,” and “this book should be required reading for high school kids,” but by page 45, I had forgotten about helping others, and started thinking how this book could help me, i.e., when Patti suggest the reader list their “big three” life priorities, I listed, 1. Family; 2. Exercising my mind; and 3. Being still. Realizing that I valued "being still" was an important revelation to me.

The Intentional Networker is really about how to attract more business, particularly through what Patti coins, “intentional networking,” but since getting more business is a lot about being a person of good character, it provides a smorgasbord of thought-provoking and valuable takeaways, regardless of whether you are an ambitious business-climber or a lounge-lizard.

Other than the plethora of meaningful information that makes this book particularly successful at engaging readers is Patti’s presentation format. She makes what could have been snooze inducing, accessible, applicable and fun. Each chapter includes real stories of good and bad business behaviors and results; provocative but graspable exercises that help you look into yourself; and just in case you’re slow, at the end of each chapter is a reminder of why the info provided is important.

Patti’s "intentional" philosophy and methodology, whether networking, attending business meetings, socializing at parties, or simply living,  significantly address behaviors that define the difference between being good and being great! And Patti apparently takes her own advice, because The Intentional Networker is great!

Learn more about Patti and order her book here.

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