Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gals Guzzle

Orlinda Naranjo, Patti DeNucci, me and Katie Sherrod - cocktails at Jeffrey's.
This was an extraordinary week for me because I reunited for the first time in 50 years with my childhood best friend, Katie Sherrod. Katie and I spent two days talking till we dropped, trying to catch up on decades of life. Katie and I don’t remember when we didn’t know each other. I pretty much grew up with her and her three brothers. That is until Katie was shipped off to Incarnate Word in San Antonio. I actually ran into Katie in 1987 when she was inducted into the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame. She and Molly Ivins, with whom Katie was a friend from their days together at the Fort Worth Star Telegram, were sitting together in the lobby of the Hyatt chatting when I spotted them. Our visit was brief, but it did reinforce my resolve to reunite with Katie at some point.

I always knew that Katie would be famous. She has received many awards for her advocacy of women's reproductive freedom and efforts to end family violence. She was also the creator and editor of Grace and Gumption: Stories of Fort Worth Women, and was Texas Woman of the Year in 1989.

After Katie arrived in Austin on Tuesday afternoon, we had dinner with my book club at Quattro Gatti, a raucous, rich and enriching muster that ended with my wine-induced announcement that I was going home to curl into the “fertile” position. Of course I meant fetal position, so we ended the night laughing our patooties off! Katie and I spent Wednesday morning at the Blanton Museum viewing the captivating exhibit, Recovering Beauty: The 1990s in Buenos Aires.

Later that afternoon, we happy hour’d at Jeffrey’s with Orlinda Naranjo and Patti DeNucci. Orlinda, aka The Honorable Orlinda Naranjo, Judge, 419th Judicial District Civil Court, is one of my very best friends and a very smart and fun gal! Orlinda is a recognized leader in judicial and non-profit circles. I fully expect to see her appointed to a federal judgeship by our next President - that is assuming we have a Democratic President of course!  Patti DeNucci is the super successful businesswoman/owner of DeNucci & Co., one of 40 female entrepreneurs featured in the new book Fearless Women, Fearless Wisdom by Mary Ann Halpin. Patti is also a soon to be published author, an outsourcing referral service, and a fellow over-reader and friend. She had us mesmerized with a story of her training in a spiritual and meditation discipline so complicated that I blanked out on exactly what it was, so hopefully she’ll comment and fill us in.

After drinks, Katie and I went to the Zachery Scott Theater to see the excellent play about Molly Ivins, Red Hot Patriot. After breakfast tacos the next morning, Katie headed back to Fort Worth and I crept back into my computer and my alter ego – Networker by Choice, Recluse By Need! A great two days with a great bunch of Very Smart Gals!


  1. SueAnn, our paths just seem to cross!! I just spoke to Patti on the phone last week. I wish I had known we had you in common. I would have brought it up. :)