Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mount Holyoke Frances Perkins Program

Thanks to Very Smart Gal – Lynn Meredith for telling me about the Frances Perkins Program at Mount Holyoke, described on the Mount Holyoke website as a “specially designed program for women of non-traditional age who wish to complete the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree.”  Since my mom didn’t even graduate from high school until she was over 40 and had five kids, this program has special meaning for me. I virtually grew up on college campuses as mom went on to get her bachelor's and enough hours for several master’s degrees.

I love this description of the Mount Holyoke Frances Perkins Program:
“Recognizing that the quest for knowledge does not end, Mount Holyoke College welcomes women who follow unconventional paths to its gates and through The Frances Perkins Program opens the nation's oldest women's college to students of nontraditional age. Women who have dependents or are veterans are also eligible to apply for admission through this program.”

As you may recall from my August 1 review of Kristin Downey’s book about Mary Frances Perkins, I was astounded that I knew nothing about this Very Smart Gal who was the first woman appointed to a Presidential Cabinet. I am happy to know that someone else recognizes the amazing accomplishments of Frances Perkins, and I am truly inspired by the Frances Perkins Program at Mount Holyoke. 

Thanks Lynn!

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  1. Do you remember in Dirty Dancing that Baby's real name was Francis--named after the first lady in the Cabinet??--loved that show and still grieve over Patrick! Linda Sue