Sunday, June 27, 2010

WANTED – Very Smart Gals (and Guys) to Build Clean Water Wells and Schools in Tanzania

When I got an email from Very Smart Gal, Dr. Donna Gunn, asking me if I would like to go to Tanzania to build three clean water wells and schools, my first thought was “SueAnn, you are an idiot. When will you ever learn.”

Why?  Because when I went over to Donna’s house some months ago to talk to her about writing grants, I saw a George Bush sticker on a car parked in her driveway and though, “Good grief, a Republican.” How quickly we jump to judge people. Just because I was mad at President Bush, I judged Donna. Then I met her, and liked her immediately.

Then last week when she sent the following email to me, I really wanted to jump on board her cause: Click on Read More Below

Here's what Donna said...

I have started the Africa's Promise Village Trust. The mission of the Trust is to provide three clean water wells, three small schools, then if funds become available, go on to provide a medical clinic, or resources for an existing clinic, an orphanage for children whose family has died of Aids and empower women to develop ways to earn money and care for them selves and their children. If you have any fund raising ideas, or would be interesting in helping, we would appreciate your contributions to our efforts.

All of us are educators but one, who is a wonderful, caring family practice lawyer. None of us have a whole lot, but we are all smart (relative term) have warm hearts, and are just crazy enough to think we can make a difference. A handful of us are going to Tanzania in October of find a plot of land in Arusha for well and school, then visit Siminjaro with Father Pinto, who has gotten a pledge of land from two tribal villages.

So-the bottom line is that we don't know how, we just know we need to reach out to everyone we can and enlist their participation in saving thousands of lives with clean water wells and transforming the lives of thousands of children by building small schools. Isn't this a neat world when you can do things that make you feel good? Let me hear from you and check out the website (click here).

I cannot imagine putting my life on hold, leaving my family and flying halfway across the world to help others. It takes a very special person to do that – a Very Smart Gal.

Please join me in making a generous donation to Donna’s Africa Promise Village, or if you are feeling that your life is less fulfilling than you’d like, toss it aside and join her in saving lives in Tanzania!

Bless you Donna.


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