Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Into The Arugula

At the top of the news today is the story of SueAnn Wade-Crouse, who was found dead in her garden last night. Her husband of 20 years said that this photo was taken shortly before she walked into her garden, for the last time, carrying nothing but a gallon of balsamic vinegar.

Obviously shaken, he said that he suspects that an autopsy, ordered by the Travis County Medical Examiner, will reveal that she died from an arugula overdose. “She knew it was lethal in large doses,” her husband said, “but she just couldn’t seem to stop herself.”

One source that declined to be identified, said that SueAnn had recently been feeling overwhelmed by her arugula, and spoke of wanting to go into the arugula and never come back. “One day I went over to her house and found her just standing in her garden, staring at her arugula, tears in her eyes,” said a close source. “Now I wish I’d taken some of her arugula. This will haunt me forever.”


  1. I don't know much about bone structure, but the woman in the picture appears to have nice shoulders:-) Loved the blog

  2. Okay, okay, I felt guilty thinking I might have over-clipped last time, but now that I see the potential repercussions from my lack of clipping, I promise to do better and this time, share with my sister.

  3. Funny, yes, nice shoulders, yes, clip more next time, yes!