Monday, March 29, 2010

Rolling With The Homies

(Hell Marys Teammates Roughing Up Rachel)

When Rachel Muir snatched up my offer for a VIP ticket to last nights Texas Rollergirls, I was surprised, but not. I knew Rachel was quick, but I didn’t know how fun she was. I do now! We had a blast.

I must admit that I went into this whole Rollergirl thing with some trepidation. What if it was like wrestling, all show no dough? What if it was seedy? What if there weren’t any other women my age there? Questions answered: 1. It’s a whole lot more about competition than sex, 2. It wasn’t seedy, it was good clean fun, and 3. There were lots of soccer mom’s there! Women of all ages, lots of them, dressed in everything from JC Penny’s to Prada.

The beer was cold, the Rollergirls were fun and Rachel was a killer date!


  1. Hey now SueAnn, if you were to become a Rollergirl, what would your handle be?

  2. Good question! I'll think on that one! How about Smart-Ass!