Thursday, March 25, 2010


After having lunch with six Very Smart Gals on Wednesday, March 24, I went home, curled into the fetal position and sucked my thumb for an hour. Not really. I went home and wrote grants, but I guarantee you that I did it with more zest than usual, having gotten my batteries supercharged by the energy buzzing around in that back corner of Cipollina Restaurant! I sent this photo to the gals and told them I thought it turned out really nice considering that we had to get six women to hold it in, smile and look 25 all at the same time! Here’s the line- up, left to right. 
Kelly Laudenslager, found her way to me through a long-time ranch country friend, whose daughter went to school with Kelly. Blog, blog, blog, and here we are! Kelly graduated from Wake Forest, then came down to Texas to get her masters. Any you gals got a son looking for a future Ms. Perfect! Here she is! I always say that Loralee Martin is who I want to be when I grow up. She’s just dang near perfect. She’s from NY, but she’s got that California girl look, blond, bronze and svelte, and she’s scary smart. Loralee is personal chef/assistant to an important local mover/shaker power-couple here in town who I'll bet would be lost without her. Jane Dixon Swan is a cherished childhood friend who recently retired as the librarian in Fredericksburg. I can honestly say that I’ve more great childhood memories of Jane than anyone. We were always off to the river, or building forts, or playing summer-long monopoly games. She’s a great gal. Julie Williams is the best facialist in the world, a naturalist extraordinaire and a long-time friend. The woman has better arms than Madonna, eats fish for breakfast and won’t drink cold water because it “kills your Chi.” When I go for her long. lovely, luxurious facials I know I’m going to get a bonus lesson in natural health and beauty. Annie Taylor is my neighbor and co-owner of JBird & Co. Landscape Design, Maintenance, Construction, and of Annie’s Omnium Creative Services (illustration, interior design, and visual merchandising). I just met Annie but knew I liked her right away by the looks of her house and the way she dresses and the glow of her face. I think this gals got a lot of creativity up her sleeve and I’m looking forward to knowing her better. Lovely and lovable Toni Schmid, formerly worked in the mortgage lending business, is currently Tour Director for the Commemorative Air Force, B-29/B-24 Squadron,  and we worked together at Keep Texas Beautiful during the late 80’s or early 90’s. She and Kelly sat next to each other and once they discovered that they had a mutual love of horses, they completely bonded.

Thanks Gals for Making My Day!

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