Saturday, January 9, 2010

Introducing Our New Granddaughter – Khloe Angelia Noelke

Anyone that doesn’t believe in miracles has probably never been around the birth of a child. There is just something magical and surreal about a child floating around in the body of a mother, then being born to a infinitely different world – and thriving.

 Adults understand most of the physiological aspects of procreation, and it is still mind boggling, so one can only imagine what a mystery this must be to a child. I had the privilege of caring for my seven-year-old grandson, Quenten, during the birth of his little sister, Khloe, and what a joy it was. Once mom (Lovie) got to the serious business of labor and birthing, supported by her husband, my son (Cuatro), Quenten and I went off to “play,” numerous games of Bakugan and Operation, and to watch three movies. This one-on-one with Quenten was a rare and special chance for me to get to know him better. I’ve had one-on-one time with my oldest granddaughter Sydney, camping etc., and that was equally special, but this was the first time with Quenten, and I learned a lot more about him. He’s very courteous, super smart and a very mischievous, endearing little imp!

Attending the birth of Khloe brought back memories of the birth of my three children. Right before I had my first child, Cuatro, I had been substitute teaching the first grade in our little hometown. About two weeks after Cuatro was born I was in the local drugstore waiting for a prescription and one of my former students shyly came over to see the sleeping baby in my arms, and said so sweetly, “Does he have his eyes open yet?” I didn’t embarrass him by laughing, but rather replied, “Yes. He does.”

Another memory that comes to mind was when I had my second child, JoLene. I was rocking her to sleep, when Cuatro, then about 22 months old, came up to me, obviously feeling a little neglected, and said, “Mama, I’m a baby too.” It was a precious moment, and reminded me to pay him more attention.

I remember being so anxious for my sweet little baby boy Colt to say "mama," for the first time, but he typically did it his way, and his first word was "buzzard," which he saw flying above.

There were many similarly poignant moments with Quenten as he experienced his sister’s arrival. When dad showed him his sister’s umbilical cord and told him that he had cut it with scissors, you could really see the wheels turning in little Quenten’s head – curiosity mixed with horror. He said, “Why didn’t you use your pocket knife dad?” To which Cuatro replied, “Because my pocket knife has deer blood on it.”

Quenten is going to be a wonderful brother – although when someone said to him, “You love her now, but what about when she breaks your toys?” There was just a flash of concern that crossed his face.

My daughter asked me one time if I loved her and her brothers as much as I so obviously love my grandchildren. To which I replied, “Lord no! I was too busy just keeping you alive!”

Grandparenting is the best!

I took the photo above of Colt, JoLene and Cuatro at the ranch, probably around 1976.


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  1. Congratulations to Lovie and Cuatro - and I will forgive your absence from posting as you have a valid "excuse." Charlena