Sunday, January 31, 2010


In the process of going through a bunch of photos today I came across a few from Halloweens past! Corky Hilliard, Aralyn Hughes, Crouse and I, and about 10 or so other crazies, used to throw the best Halloween Party each year. They were always held at the hottest clubs in town, Antone's, the club above Katz's, some place on Lake Austin that I can't remember the name of, etc. Tons of people came (250-400), people really went all out on their costumes, and we always had a killer band. Someday I’ll post photos of some of the outstanding costumes that our friends came up with, but here are just a few of ours.

Costumes included, Homer and Marge Simpson, Rambo-ette, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, "Cow-man" Miranda, "The Morality Police" and a Deadhead.
One year we were the cover of a romance novel (see photo on
left above). The signs say, “Passion On The High Seas,” and “Taken captive by the dreaded she-devil pirate, scourge of shipping and the terror of the V-birth, he became her cabin boy & love slave.” I also had a jeweled eye-patch and a scary whip!

We went as Marilyn Monroe and "Just Another Dead" Kennedy" (that 's my mom in the mysterious outfit), and "Nurse Naughty" and Watermelon Girl.


Often, costumes were tied to big news events of the year, i.e., the Waco Branch Dividians fiasco, our hosts theme that year. T-shirts (below) said, "Branch Dividiots" on the front and "Another Extinquished Host" on the back. Since pregnant cheerleaders were also a big issue that year, I was a combo. Crouse was the Dividians "big dick" leader, David Koresh! Needless to say, he was Mr. Popular that night with the Gals. We always had so much fun!


  1. Ha, are you guys members of the Church of the Sub Genesis?
    its a real church

  2. Could be? Don't know! I'll have to check out "Church of Sub Genesis" to see! Ha! Sub and in less than, or sub as in underground????

  3. As in less than. Wait,,,,mmmm,,,,could be both. They have been around for decades. Use to be based in Austin. I visit their web site about once a year for laughs and also as a mental Ex-lax.

  4. oh man you are BAD!!----but funny!! Linda Sue

  5. Bad girls, talking 'bout bad girls....sing it Donna!

  6. I love seeing photos of my Austin friends, especially the historical/histerical ones of you and Crouse. keely