Friday, November 20, 2009


Some months ago I had coffee with a Very Smart Gal who accused me of hogging the Very Smart Gals all to myself, and she was right! So I determined to change that by rather randomly inviting Very Smart Gals who’d probably never met to lunch together.  So far I've hosted four lunches, and Gal-Howdy has it been fun and smart.  Left, Very Smart Gals, Susan Eason, Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza, Susan Hendrix and Margo Weisz.

Right, Sara Cleveland and Rachel Muir.
My first lunch included Linda LeFan (the accuser), a divinity student, who proves her Godly nature by loving me in spite of the fact that I am a heathen, Cathy Weaver, a politician-turned-psychologist/counselor whose "pick-up line," "What are you doing walking in my neighborhood," bonded me to her for life, and Elizabeth Ann Gates, former ED of Leadership Texas, who is so elegant and refined, I'm astonished she even admits that she knows me! Anyway, it turned out to be such a great idea and such fun to see very smart gals connect, that I decided to make it a regular thing. If you haven't been invited to a Gals - Very Smart Gals luncheon yet, hold onto your biscuits, you will be soon. 

My second lunch included my "woo woo" Gal-friends (spiritually advanced), Lisa Rayburn, my beautiful "rock and roll" buddy from way back who studies and practices spirituality at an advanced level, and Julie McAllister, who I met and gained great respect for when I was writing grants for Big Bothers Big Sisters, and who became a naturalist when she had kids. Julie Williams, who has been my facialist for 20 years, and knows more about what you should and should not be putting into you body than anyone else I know was supposed to come, but had to back out due to a child-priority.

My next lunch included (pictured above left) Susan Eason, super smart and super fun ED of The Arc of the Capital Area, Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza, a long-time friend who also happens to be one of the most popular politicians in Travis County (District Clerk for years), Susan Hendix, media consultant (Hendrix Coughlan Media) and friend from back in my Women's Political Caucus days (we were both twirlers in high school, so we relate on a unique level), and former client, super Gal, and perpetual brainiac, Margo Weisz, ED at PeopleFund/PeopleTrust.

Yesterday, I was supposed to have lunch with (pictured above right) Sara Cleveland, an uber cool and smart gal I met at the Lance Armstrong Foundation, and who is now the ED of NARAL TX, former client and hip-and smart-as-they come Girlstart founder and current Mother's Milk Bank ED, Rachel Muir, and one of my favorite people Fayruz Benyousef, Dini Partners fundraising guru extraordinaire, however, I had to deliver a last-minute grant right in the middle of the scheduled lunch, and Fayruz had a family emergency, so Sara and Rachel ended up lunching together and no doubt the smart sparks flew.

I have to say that trying to get 3-5 very smart gals together is like herding cats, but when it works, it's magic, so you can expect to hear from me soon about "grazing with the gals!"
Ciao Bella!

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