Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm Going to be a Grandmother, Again!

After nearly seven years of thinking that my son Cuatro and his wife Lovie were done having children (their crowning achievement being my wonderful grandson Quenten) they recently announced, via a very clever E-announcement, that they were making me a grandmother again, and we found out this week - it's going to be a gal - very smart gal! They were really hoping for another boy, so I consoled them, saying, "A future Rodeo Queen!"

Of course I know they will love their little buckarette as soon as she sinks her little spurs into their hearts! In fact, Lovie said that immediately after finding out the gender, they went to Academy and bought pink camo! Ha!

I loooovveeee being a grandmother! When my daughter found out that she was pregnant with my first grandchild, Sydney, I rushed right out and had magnetic signs made for my car that said, "I'm going to be a grandmother!" It was great. People waved and honked, left congratulatory notes on my windshield, and I got the friendliest drive-through service ever! Alas, by the third grandchild, the signs had either blown off my car or been misplaced!

Nevertheless, I have been thrilled with the arrival of each grandchild, and see so clearly that this heralds one of the perks of getting older, another being the wicked revenge of watching your children struggle with the parenting challenges that aged you!

I love being a grandmother so much, that at one point my daughter, having witnessed my gushing joy and emotion over my grandchildren asked, "Gosh mom, did you love us that much?" After a stunningly brief pause I replied emphatically, "Lord No! I was too busy trying to keep you alive!" The reality of that statement surprised her and me.

Of course I loved my children more than life itself, but my focus at the time was keeping them clean, healthy, and fed. Adequate appreciation for their humanity, beauty and the joys they bring to life were so often overshadowed by the urgency to get them bathed, dressed, fed, and from hurting each other or themselves!

Now, I just hold Sydney, Quenten, Will and Cassie, and cuddle them and ask them questions, and listen to them and marvel at their beauty, brilliance, humor and love. I also marvel at the character and personality they develop, the way their faces reflect life, and I cringe as I see how easily they absorb the worst of us.

If Steve Jobs were God, my grandchildren would be SueAnn OS X, Version 10.5.7, with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and a 2 GB 667 MHz memory.

Seeing yourself passed on in an improved version can be both terrifying and a huge ego trip. They, and my children, are the residue of my life. They are my heaven, and my eternity...........

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. So glad to hear that the baby is a girl. I visited with Lovie the morning she went to the doc--she barely looks like a baby is on the way!!Congrats grandmother, another sweet baby to love!! Aren't we blessed!!! Linda Sue

  2. SueAnn - love your photo of the week, and your comments :)